Kinnaird Jewellery


After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 with a BA in Design and Applied Arts, Carolyn embarked on a number of research trips which took her to various countries around the world. She returned to Edinburgh in 2016, after residing in Melbourne, Australia, where she held a residency at NorthCity4 studios and was an assistant to Melbourne based jewellery designer Vicki Mason.

Carolyn’s travels ignited her interest in the aesthetic attributed to traditional crafts found within countries such as Peru and Morocco. From the traditional textile patterns she witnessed in Peru, to the jewellery and tribal tattooing of the Berber people in Morocco, Kinnaird Jewellery found its inspiration within the idiosyncrasies of these traditional cultural practices.

Utilising the recurring theme of symmetry, geometry and linear pattern found within these practices, Carolyn creates jewellery which is uniquely bold, yet simplistic in its form. Kinnaird Jewellery is predominately metal based, with nuances of colour added using perspex and other non precious materials. This reflects upon the colourful cultures that have inspired each creation.

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